bucket elevator

bucket elevator

In the bucket elevator operation process, several transient features in elevating load signal contain abundant information, and these information is basically a very critical factor for the identification of dangerous load.

As a major form of hoisting and guiding device, once the performance degradation such as displacement and bending occurred, it will seriously affect the bucket elevator operation, and often can be reflected to the change of the hoisting load.

Bucket elevator dislocation can put off the moving forward container and also result in the downward container unclear operation with loose rope. Both these two failures will do harm to the bucket elevator cause rope broken or even drop tank malignant accidents.
Though in virtue of the signals of “driving” and “handling finish” together with some time delay, we can decide the loading unloading time. For the reliability and simplification of bucket elevator elevating dangerous load warning system, the judgment of time node based on themselves signal is still in need.

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