asbestos tape

Usually end users purchasing a bucket elevator would consider understanding the installation of the bucket elevator machine. However, the sealing material used is often overlooked or not known. Therefore, here in PK, we would like to share some knowledge regarding the asbestos tape in a bucket elevator.

Asbestos refers to bundles of fibers made of long and thin fibers. As it embodies special properties of electric insulation and heat resistance, asbestos tape is widely used in sealing materials of various machines or other asbestos products.

In fact, bucket elevator is considered a heavy-duty machinery, therefore it has high requirements on the installation quality. Usually, asbestos tape is adopted as the common sealing material. This is because it does not only prevent leakage of dust which protects the environment, it also reduces the material waste. During installation of the bucket elevator equipment, the asbestos tape must be positioned at the connection of casing flanges. And before connecting the flanges, apply the asbestos tape at the connections and then fix the bolts.

asbestos tape

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