bucket elevator

The insufficient output of bucket elevator refers to its output does not meet the specified standards during operation.

Since the less hoisting capacity of bucket elevator conveyor back part, the material chute at the discharging hole is easy to produce material blocked and cannot be successful transported to the next production section. Improve the production capacity of elevator back part and enhance the production power to make sure material can be fully discharged.
When the discharge inlet chute size is too small, or the inclination is not suitable for bucket elevating, modify the chute structure or even replace the appropriate chute structure when it is necessary. As for the material remains at the chain or the chute in the production process, you need to clear it up in time and maintain a clean and tidy chute and chain structure.

Bucket conveyor is a kind of high efficient vertical conveying equipment modified on the basis of basic performance. The insufficient output could be happened in the actual production, thus, the waste of material and increased equipment cost are in need of technical adjustments to guarantee the stable and continuous production.

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bucket elevator



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