bucket elevator

Bucket Elevator is designed to lift material vertically from one level to another. Due to its large conveying capacity and easy operation, industries opt to choose a bucket elevator for their industrial operation. Usually, it is common to encounter hopper skidding occurrence during the operation of the bucket elevator. Therefore, rest assured, we will go over everything you need to know to solve a skidding hopper.

  1. Insufficient belt tension of the hopper

Bucket elevator functions by the mechanism of a hopper and the frictional force between the driving shaft and the wheels to lift materials vertically. Usually, when the belt tension of the hopper is insufficient, hopper skidding will happens.

Solution: stop the bucket elevator machine immediately and adjust the belt tensioning device to tighten the hopper. If the hopper couldn’t be tightened fully, re-adjustment measures need to be taken.

  1. Overloading of the bucket elevator equipment

Whenever overloading of the bucket elevator occurs, the internal resistance of the machine increases, thus leading to hopper skidding.

Solution: Reduce the amount of feeding materials. Make sure the materials are distributed uniformly. If the equipment still unable to operate well, this could be due to the accumulation of material inside the machine hopper. Inspect the interior of bucket machine.

  1. Friction force between drive shaft and the hopper is reduced

When the surface of the driving shaft and the hopper of the bucket elevator machine are too smooth, there is a possibility that the frictional force between the two components are reduced. This could results hopper skidding.

Solution: Coat the surface of the driving shaft and the hopper with a layer of rubber coating to increase frictional force.

bucket elevator

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