belt bucket elevator

Generally, a belt bucket elevator needs to be inspected every 6 months for maintenance work. This is especially important for the hopper, belt tightening bolt joints and etc. A belt test is needed to be performed at least once a year to evaluate the service life of the plastic surface of the belt and the belt strength. The level of the cylindrical head and tail roller needed to be adjusted if there’s any deviation occurs. If the deviation is caused by the wear and tear of the drum plastic surface, re-roll the rubber and plastic surface. On the other hand, the rear bearing of the belt bucket elevator needs to be regularly maintained, as the slip ring seal could be subjected to wear and tear after long time usage. When this occurs, the bearing would be damaged. Here are a few tips for better maintenance of a belt bucket elevator:

a) Check belts for tear, cuts and etc

Any signs of defects should be immediately diagnosed.

b) Check belt tension of conveying belt

This could be the possible reasons for drive slippage and excessive wear. Belts running loosely in a leg are put to severe flex due to lack of full contact with the boot pulley of bucket elevator.

c) Check alignment of belt conveyor

Belt misalignment could cause edge wear and pave way for accidents.

d) Check bucket elevators for uneven loading

This could cause belt to move across head pulley and break the belt fabric.

belt bucket elevator

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