Bucket elevator conveyor

Cement Bucket Elevator, also called NE Bucket Elevator is designed to lift a variety of bulk materials vertically by using buckets attached to a chain. It is important to ensure that the operating conditions for the bucket elevator is always safe to prevent unnecessary damage or accidents to the equipment and the operator as well. Read the do’s and don’t’s of the safety guidelines provided below when handling with a cement bucket elevator.

  1. Before removing any Bucket Elevator’s cover or drive guard for inspection, shut off and disconnect the switch.
  2. Make sure all guards are in place, inspection doors closed, and the safety devices are connected and operational.
  3. Before running the NE Series Bucket Elevator, make sure it is secure for operating.
  4. When operating, do not allow children at the site of the bucket elevator machine.
  5. The operator must has a full view of the entire operation, especially the location of the control motor and the reset button of the plate chain bucket elevator.
  6. During the operation of the NE Bucket Elevator, one person should be in positon to monitor the on-going operation. A second person should always stand in position not far away to stop the bucket elevator machine in case of an emergency.
  7. Inspect the cement bucket elevator periodically during operation for signs of excessive vibration, loose fasteners and unusual noises.
  8. Other than the operators, do not allow anyone that is not involved at the site of the operation.
  9. Keep all work area free from grease, oil, water and other foreign objects to prevent accidents.
  10. Keep a distance from the moving part of the bucket elevator when operating. Remove any jewelries or accessories when on-site.

Bucket elevator conveyor

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