Each part of bucket elevator must be inspected to make sure there is no abnormal condition before it is put into use. Because the abnormal part will easy to make abnormal noise of bucket conveyor, causing damage to the hoisting machine. The main parts of noise generated are coupling, head and bottom wheel and inner elevating drum, etc.

  1. Sometimes the abnormal noise with coupling accompanied by the vibration noise same as the motor rotation frequency. The main reason for this failure is caused by the decentraction of two axis forth and behind of the coupling.
  2. When the head and bottom wheel are in normal operation, it only appears tiny sound. The abnormal noise is caused by the poor sealing or lubrication which will result in bearing damage.
  3. The bucket loss, damage or loose are the major reasons for the inner drum abnormal noise.

In daily work, the all-round inspection of bucket elevator machine for every 500 hours of work should be managed to check whether the bucket and belt are in good connection to ensure the running stability. At the same time, a fence can be set up at the discharging outlet in order to prevent the bucket falling damages to the other equipment.

Bucket elevator machine

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