bucket elevator,head part

bucket elevator,head part

1.The new sealing structure is simpler, contribute to mechanical processing to a great extent;
2. Make sure the compactness bucket conveyor confidential sealing structure, especially for axial place small space handling process, can be more convenient and easy installation;
3.The gland needed screws along with the axis rotation, the material contact with the driven shaft surface, they are in a relatively static state at this time. After mineral powder or material into the gland, needed a gap between packing and shaft to flow out, considering there is no relative motion between the shaft and packing material. Therefore they cannot flow out form the gap and the shaft surface would not be worn;
4.The gland of the screw parts are installed at the end of cylinder box, in the case of gland rotate with shaft, the mineral powder or material can be ejected tn the opposite direction. There is only few materials are flowing into the packing place with screw stream, so it can effectively reduce the amount of leaked mineral powder or material;

After two years of using, it is confirmed that the new type seal structure only caused partial material leakage, and never occurred the phenomenon of material flying, and achieve the design requirements to a great extent.

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