bucket elevator

bucket elevator

Bucket elevator is a high efficiency vertical lifting equipment. The continuous bucket rotation is driven by the bend drum, tail pulleys and driven device. The material is lifted to a specific height and discharged at the top of the bucket elevator system. Hence, the smooth flow of conveying system is very important because a little blockage may affect the whole system and requires maintenance cost. To avoid this situation, there are measures to enhance the discharge rate of bucket elevator machine:

  1. The characteristics of material conveyed need to be analyzed before operating.
  2. The cleaning of remnants which stick in the outlet chute and chain need to be done regularly.
  3. Improve the outlet chute structure in case is too small. Besides that, a new design of outlet chute can be used to replace the blockage one.
  4. Maintenance should be done periodically to avoid blockage since the maintenance after blockage and low discharge rate is quite difficult.

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