belt bucket elevator

Bucket elevator is one of those high demand machinery in the industrial sectors. It is widely used in the feed, flour and rice mills; oil, starch and grain factories. Do you know there are 3 ways of discharging materials in a bucket elevator? Continue reading this.

Generally, the bucket elevator has different ways of discharging materials such as centrifugal type, gravity type and hybrid type.

  1. Centrifugal type

– Using centrifugal force to unload the materials from the discharging outlet. This type of discharging in bucket elevator machine is suitable for fine, dry material with fast lifting speed.

  1. Gravitational type

– Using the effect of gravity to discharge materials along with the buckets. This type of unloading is suitable for large and fragile materials.

  1. Hybrid type

– By using centrifugal force and the gravitational force. This type of discharging bucket elevator equipment is applicable for material of poor fluidity and high moisture content.

ways of discharging bucket elevator

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