Bucket Elevator should obey the using principle ,that is “must check before using ,more observation during using ,often maintenance after using ”.

  • During operation ,must obey the principle of “starting no-load ,stopping no-load ”,that is to say ,firstly starting bucket elevator ,after normal movement ,then feeding material ,before stopping the machine ,empty material in the machine .
  • During working ,feeding material should be balanced ,discharge hole should be unobstructed ,avoiding blocking ,if occurred blocking ,you should stop feeding material and stop the machine immediately ,cut off engine base socket , exclude blocking.at that time ,pay attention to safety ,cannot put in engine base of Bucket Conveyor Machine directly by hands .
  • During normal working ,hopper belt should be in the middle position of machine barrel,if you find off tracking phenomenon or hopper belt is too loose ,which result in crash and friction between hopper and machine barrel ,should adjust through tension device in time .
  • Must prevent big mass foreign matters enter into machine base ,avoiding breaking hopper ,impacting normal working of bucket elevator .Transporting untreated materials,inlet feeding inlet should be settled grille mesh ,prevent from straw ,rope ,etc.fiber impurity entering into machine base ,which resulting in twining ,blocking .
  • You should regularly check hopper belt tension degree of bucket elevator ,connection between hopper and hopper belt is whether fastness ,if you find it loosen , fall off ,hopper skew and abrasion phenomenon ,the bucket elevator should be maintained or changed ,avoiding occurring  the most serious effect .
  • If the Bucket Elevator Equipment stopped suddenly ,firstly you should exclude material in the bucket elevator machine base ,then starting again .

Bucket Elevator


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