Bucket elevator conveyor

A bucket elevator is a versatile machinery equipment which is available in a variety of designs and specific applications. Belt bucket elevator, or called TD Belt Bucket is a common type of industrial equipment used to transport goods vertically by using a rubber belt. Though so, users may have encounter problems regarding the lifting capacity of the bucket elevator. Often, users will enquire about solutions to solve insufficient lifting capacity problem in the belt bucket elevator. So, here are some useful tips!

  1. Change the transmission ratio of the driving wheel, try increase the speed of the belt bucket elevator.
  2. Increase the belt bucket elevator equipment downstream production capacity.
  3. Make sure conveying materials filled the conveying buckets completely.
  4. Adjust the discharging chute of the bucket elevator.
  5. Ensure all buckets and driving wheels are cleaned regularly to prevent material accumulation.
  6. Avoid reversing material back.

Bucket elevator conveyor

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