bucket elevator

Finding a good quality equipment these days is pretty hard. The internet is filled with cheap and unreliable equipment. Nevertheless, don’t lose hope as here in PK Machinery, we will go through this step by step guide with you to make sure you get the best selection of bucket elevator.

  1. First, determine the characteristics of materials to be conveyed

-For instance: Abrasive, free-flowing, sluggish, fluffy, friable, degradable material and etc.

-Weight per cubic foot of material at loading point into the bucket elevator machine

-Average sizes of lumps/ percentage of lumps

  1. Calculate the maximum discharge rate required
  2. Calculate the volumetric capacity required (cubic feet per hour)
  3. Center to center dimensions between the head shaft and the tail shaft
  4. Determine the operating conditions of the bucket elevator equipment

– Indoor or outdoor

– Is it a corrosive environment

  1. Determine the type of service required

– Continuous or Intermittent

  1. Determine the suitable type of bucket elevator required, based on handling material
  2. With reference to the volumetric capacity and percentage of lump size, calculate the horsepower required

bucket elevator

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