bucket elevator

bucket elevator

The most common type of bucket elevator installed to most industries supplied in both belt type and chain type depending on material characteristics and the capacity being elevated, and in some case the feeding method of the bucket elevator. Centrifugal discharge type elevators are offered as boot take up and head take up.

In this types of bucket elevators, buckets are mounted on chain or belt and will handle free-flowing materials with small to medium size lumps. The standard inlet chute and standard curved bottom plate direct the material into the buckets and reduce the “digging” action. The speed of the bucket elevator device is sufficient to discharge the material by centrifugal force.

The feed point is lower, loading is simpler and fewer buckets are required than for the continuous type bucket elevator. Buckets on the chain or belt travel at speeds high enough to discharge materials by centrifugal force as they pass around the head pulley or sprocket. Bucket spacing and speed is important for centrifugal discharge bucket elevators. Usually buckets are made from malleable iron. Generally, these types of bucket elevator equipment are more preferable in grain industries.

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