bucket elevator

bucket elevator

In these types of bucket elevators, head shafts are fixed, the foot shafts take up are screw type. Gravity takes are available. This elevator consists of a series of steel made buckets mounted on spigot pins between the chains or on the belt with the help of special types of screw. Also in other cases, the buckets are mounted continuously on the normally friction surface belts. Continuous type steel buckets are used leaving minimum clearance between the buckets.

The buckets retain the material being carried and travelled vertically, until they are mechanically tipped at discharge positions. Gravity discharge elevators supplied as close bucket discharge type, central discharge type, or idler wheel discharge. Generally, a slow speed design gravity bucket elevator is primarily installed for elevating large lumpy, free flowing material, sluggish material and abrasive material. These bucket elevators device offer reliability with minimum wear and a positive discharge emptying of the bucket.

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