bucket elevator

bucket elevator

Discharging method of bucket elevator should be selected depending on bucket running speed and the properties of material being transported. There are three types of discharging methods namely centrifugal discharging, gravity discharging and hybrid discharging.

  1. Centrifugal discharging method – fast, generally used for transporting powder, granule, lump etc.
  2. Gravity discharging method – slow, generally used for transporting grinded material with large density (limestone, clinker etc.)
  3. Hybrid discharging method – adopt the centrifugal and gravity discharging features.

The common vertical traction device of bucket elevator machine includes round-linked chain, plate chain and belt type.

  1. Round-link chain – simple structure, simple manufacturing and secure connection.
  2. Plate chain – light weight, simple secure structure but chain joint easy to wear.
  3. Belt type – simple structure, unsuitable for grinded materials transport and belt has strict material temperature requirement.

Above are the tips on selecting discharging method and traction device for bucket elevator conveyor. Want to learn more, welcome to visit our website: www.pkbucketelevator.com


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