bucket elevator,Ring-Chain-Bucket-Elevator

bucket elevator,Ring-Chain-Bucket-Elevator

Ring chain bucket elevator must be start-up no-load. During running time, the supervisor should always check the working condition of each part, it can effectively and timely find problems and solve them in time, greatly improve the work efficiency.

The feeding device is installed in order to make the elevating machine reach uniformly feeding. There is throughput range in the instruction, feeding must conform to the scope of throughput. Too much feeding will cause the clogging at the lower section. All doors must be kept closed during materials conveying. The lighting equipment must be set up at the head and bottom section and the often opened door viewing place. If the failure is happened, immediately stop the hoisting machine and check to solve it. Such a failure that does not affect the machine work and is hard to eliminate, the work can be continued with a record maintenance.

The cleaning, lubrication and maintenance of ring chain bucket elevator must be conducted after the discharge is finished. In order to prolong its service life, the regular maintenance table can be formulated according to their own special conditions.

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