bucket-elevator1.TD belt bucket elevator: has advantages of low cost and small noise, but on account of low strength, buckets fixed on the belt is a weak link, so the hoisting height is not big. Material temperature for ordinary belt is less than 60 ℃, clip wire belt up to 80 ℃, heat resistant belt reaches to 120 ℃.
2.TH ring chain bucket elevator: the forged ring chain as the driving part, has a strong mechanical strength, conveying material temperature can reach to 250 ℃, the connection between ring chain and bucket is secure, It is suitable for rubbed material since its big self-weight.
3.TB/NE plate chain bucket elevator: different from the old model TB plate chain bucket elevator, the definition order depends on its lifting capacity not the bucket width, conveying material temperature can reach to 250 ℃. Plate chain structure is quite strong and has a light self-weight, is suitable for a large quantity of hoisting, but wear of hinged joint is big.
4.TDG/THG high efficiency belt bucket elevator: using steel wire as a transmission belt, has a stronger transmission ability.

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