bucket elevating conveyor

bucket elevating conveyor

Without considering the material characteristics, the depth of bucket and the rotational speed in the process of design, which will bring to the problems of bucket elevating conveyor too much material return.

The conception of bucket elevator conveyor is differ from the common definition of feed back. Bucket elevating conveyor material return refers to materials at the discharge place are not totally out the elevating machine, some of the material are back to the engine base. During the ascension working, too much material return will reduce the production efficiency, increase power consumption and the rate of the broken material. The causes of overmuch materials feed back are as follows:

    1. The installation of head part outlet discharging tongue plate is not appropriate, the too far distance between tongue plate to bucket discharge position will cause the material back. Should timely adjust the tongue plate position, avoid material back.
    2. Too fast bucket running speed. Different material requires different bucket speed. For the dry powdered or granular materials, the speed usually is about 1 ~ 2 m/s; For the bulk materials’ ascension, speed of 0.4 ~ 0.6 m/s is proper; For the wet powder and granular materials, speed should be at the rate of 0.6 ~ 0.8 m/s. Excessive speed will cause advanced discharge which will result in feed back. At this time, reduce the bucket running speed according to the material being elevating to avoid material back.
      Pay attention to the above points, basically can solve the bucket elevator material return problem.

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