Bucket elevator conveyor

cement-bucket-elevator1.Clean up the construction site, make certain of construction security;
2. Loosen the motor and foundation bolts of reducer, open up the bucket elevator machine bottom cover and the bearing base, separate the joint between motor and reducer;
3.Hanging out the motor and fixed it well;
4.Jacking up the balancing part of bucket elevator;
5. Using hand gourd to separate plate chain and fix it;
6. Unload 8 ~ 10 buckets and take apart the plate chain;
7.Dismantle the reducer and the shaft (The reducer does not have to be remove with the hollow shaft);
8. Remove the component parts;
9.Put lubricating oil on to gear reducer and shaft after installation;
10. Replace the bucket;
11. Check if each part of the bolts are in good tight, and the sealing condition of bucket elevator shell;
12. Test run.
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