1.The head and bottom wheels of bucket elevator are also known as driving and driven wheel respectively. Driven wheels also play a role of tension which are installed at the head and engine base, are the supporting parts of bucket belt.
2.The non-return device was set up at the head wheel to prevent traction components reverse; The shaft speed difference monitor is installed at the bottom wheel to prevent traction components sliding.
3. After the head and bottom wheel assembly, they must be in flexible operation with the hand rotation.
4. The slower the head wheel speed, the fuller the bucket filled in.
5. The bucket elevating conveyor head and bottom wheel shaft on horizontal plane parallelism is 0.3 mm/m.
6.Head shaft and bottom shaft should be paralleled to each other and in the same vertical plane, the range of parallel degree deviation is smaller than 0.6 mm/m.
7.The deviation range of head and bottom shaft vertical degree is 4 mm (H≤20m);6 mm (20<H≤40m).
8. The deviation range of head and bottom shaft  axialsymmetry is 6 mm (H≤20m);9 mm (20<H≤40m).

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