bucket elevator conveyor

bucket elevator conveyor

Henan Pingyuan Mining Machinery co., LTD present you the common failures and countermeasures of bucket elevator conveyor:

The incorrect installation of head and bottom drive shafts easy to cause bucket belt deviation. The main manifestations include: The drive shaft of head and bottom wheel are in the same vertical plane but not parallel; Two transmission shaft are installed in a horizontal position but not in the same vertical plane; Two shafts are parallel in the same vertical plane but not in the same horizontal plane. The above situation will make bucket belt run deviation and the knock between buckets and barrel. While the bucket elevating conveyor head part has to bear larger pressure ups to 100 tons, due to the long time operation inevitably appears extrusion and wear in bearing.
Traditional methods for machining repair are repair welding or brush plating, both have certain disadvantages: thermal stress produced by high temperature repair welding can not be completely eliminated, easy cause material damage and lead to parts bend or break. While the brush plating is limited by coating thickness, easy to peel. Both two methods above belong to way of metal repair of metal, they can’t change “hard to hard” cooperate relationship, under the force combination, still can cause wear again.

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