bucket elevator

bucket-elevatorThe bucket elevator is used for conveying clay clinker, deep bucket should be adopted.
There are various types of bucket elevator, below is the parameters for your reference:

Model Bucket Volume i/L Pitch of Bucket a/m Speed of Bucket w/m/s filling coefficient Ψ
TD400 9.4 0.56 1.8 0.6
TD315 5.8 0.5 1.6 0.6
TD250 4.6 0.45 1.6 0.6
TD160 1.9 0.35 1.4 0.6

According to the design requirements about bucket speed and throughput,choose TD400 type bucket elevating conveyor.
Checking process is as follows:
Bucket volume is iL, actual volume is Ψ iL (Ψ for the filling coefficient less than one) pitch of bucket is a m, conveying amounts of per unit length are as follows:                                                              q=ψ

Bucket elevator transmission capacity   G=q w (kg/s)

Or      G=3.6q w(m3/h)

Thus   G=3.6 ψw(m3/h)

The above data put into the formula G=3.6 ψw(m3/h),get:


=65.26(m3/h)>45 ×1.3(m3/h)

The reserve coefficient is 1.3.The chosen bucket machine transmission capacity is greater than the required transmission capacity in the process of production, so choose TD400 type bucket machine can meet the requirements.

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