Bucket elevator machine

bucket-elevatorBelt type bucket elevator consists of running parts (bucket and traction belt), the upper section of with drive pulley, the lower section with idler pulley, intermediate casing, driving device and non-return brake equipment, etc. Belt type bucket elevator is suitable for the ascend transportation of powder, granulated and small lump without grinding cut and half cut grinding materials with loose density < 1.5 t/m3, such as coal, sand, coke, cement and crushed ore, etc. If you are interested in the belt type bucket elevator.

Belt type bucket elevator drive device has two forms, respectively with YZ type gear reducer, ZQ or YY type gear reducer.
YZ type gear reducer directly installed at the head of the main shaft head,  leave out the transmission platform and coupling, etc. The reducer has a low noise, smooth operation, and is able to floating with the main shaft, which can eliminate stress.

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