bucket elevator


I believe that most people know that the bucket elevator conveyor is some kind of hoisting machine that achieve materials conveying from low to high position, while materials are capable to rise automatically and continuously. Besides, through the different material requirements, the elevating conveyor speed can be adjusted.
So what is the theory of bucket elevator?
If people want to figure out something they don’t familiar with, you need to trace the source, not expect the machine of course.

Buckets are loaded materials from the following storage shell, along with their conveyor belt or chain to be elevated automatically. Once buckets have reached the top, they would flip down and pour materials inside the accept groove.The bucket elevator machine with transmission device uses rubber belt.

Chain bucket elevator has two paralleled transmission chains, above or below has a pair of sprocket and a pair of redirection sprocket. With casing to prevent the material from dust flying, It enhances the satisfying and comfortable for users in the use of bucket elevator.

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