bucket elevator

The heavier dust is likely to bring unstable grounding short-circuit needs to clean it timely. The steel cable grounding line reel, there is a rope on the drum oil, and the drum rotation will produce a lot of oil in the grounding detection rod end, easy to cause dust accumulation oil ground movement, lead to vertical hoisting machine protect downtime.

Through the analysis above, some points need to be highlighted in order to guarantee the dry quenching bucket elevator overwinding protection grounding device of stable operation.

  1. Personnel for periodic inspection of the drum, clean up in time ifoil accumulation greasewas found on the rod; Each class inspects the ends of the earth, using iron through to see if the steel cord and grounding is stopped.
    2. Strengthen the dry quenching vertical hoist system of preventive maintenance, regular cleaning grounding dust inside control box, in particular to strengthen the vertical elevator and rotating limit protection grounding check and test on a regular basis.

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bucket elevator


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