bucket elevator

Through the research and development, fly ash is widely used in construction, building materials, water conservancy and other departments. Fly ash has become a striking rich resources in the international market. With low price, it is the new building materials and chemical products of raw materials.

In the production process of fly ash, the function of bucket elevator is to ascend fly ash to the feeding machine, ball mill and dryers. Bucket elevating conveyor belongs to vertical type, general transportation height can reach 40 meters. In the process of production of fly ash, different links of bucket elevator system has different height of ascension.

Low-driven power, flow-in feeding, induction discharge, large capacity of intensive buckets decoration, almost no back material and empty material phenomena, less reactive power.
Wide range of ascension, this kind of elevating machine barely have limited for material types and characteristics, not only suitable for the common powder and small granular particles, it can also hoist for materials with large grinding, with good sealing, less environmental pollution.
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bucket elevator


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