Bucket Elevator is not strange for us ,but what factors can influence the performance of bucket elevator .Improper operation and stored environment are two factors about effect of bucket elevator .

  1. Live lighting must ensure the requirement of building ,must not use portable lighting ,sunlight .The dangerous place should set safe caution red light at night .
  2. Enhance the education related using safety Helmet for building person ,after installing ,we should no-load debugging ,during debugging ,pay attention to :cannot inversion ,cannot crash . Idling is not less than 2hours ,cannot occur overheating phenomenon ,bearing temperature rise doesn’t exceed 250℃,reducer temperature rise doesn’t exceed 300℃.
  3. Mostly ,Bucket Elevator Equipment is used in the open air ,due to bucket elevator head is installed motor and reducer or driving equipment ,we should specially pay attention to protect these parts ,thus ,bucket elevator can be extended service life ,reducing maintenance of equipment .
  4. We should notice the problem of motor connection line ,the connection line is outside ,though long time usage ,which can result in insulation burn-in of connection line ,appear cutting out situation ,which easily burn in motor ,even result in person electrical danger .So ,we must make fine protection measure for motor connection line .

Above related operation and store requirement if can be reached ,we can protect Bucket Elevator Machine better

Bucket Elevator

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