bucket elevator

It is common to encounter problems during the lifting process of materials in a bucket elevator. Though so, if they are resolved timely, it can still function as it is new. Here are a couple of problems and solutions.

1) Insufficient lifting rate

This could be due to material caking on the bucket or chute. Clean the bucket or chute regularly according to the caking condition. Another possible reason is the low storage capacity of the bucket elevator machine. This causes less feeding of material into bucket elevator where the design capacity is not reached. In this case, we need to improve the production capacity of the upstream equipment. When the speed is slow, change the speed ratio of the sprocket. Sometimes it could be caused by improper or wrong material calculation, therefore check the material proportion.

2) Insufficient material discharging rate

When the capacity of the bucket elevator downstream equipment is small, the discharge chute would be easily blocked. This is due to the small chute size or inappropriate chute angle. So, adjust the discharging chute would helped to solve the problem in bucket elevator equipment.

3) Leakage of material

When materials leaked from the gap of head section and bottom section, add sealing gasket or glue with sealant on gap. Whenever the gasket of bucket elevator flange is broken, replace new sealing gasket or glue with sealant and tighten the flange bolts. If the leakage is due to the height difference of feeding material and feeding pressure, change the material feeding method and add feeding buffer device.

bucket elevator

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