bucket elevator

bucket elevator

The bucket elevator must be securely mounted on a solid concrete foundation. Concrete foundation surface should be flat and present as a horizontal state to ensure well-installed bucket elevator can achieve vertical requirements. Middle and upper casing section of a higher bucket elevator machine should be connected with the neighboring buildings in order to increase its stability.

Firstly, please install the lower part then fix the anchor bolt, and then install the middle casing and upper casing. After completing the installation, please adjust and correct the vertical height. The upper and lower shaft should be parallel to each other and shafts should be in the same plane. When installing the bucket conveyor with a lower height, connect the upper ,middle and lower casing well first on the ground, and then hang the complete set vertically and fix it on the concrete foundation.

After completing the installation of casing, you can install the chain and bucket. The u-shape screw which is used for connect the buckets, it is not only a chain connector, but also a fixture of buckets. U-screw nuts must be tighten and locked securely, after the installation of chain and bucket, please adjust it to get a proper tension. Add the appropriate amount of oil or grease in the gearbox and bearing respectively, reducer should be lubricated with industrial gear oil, bearing seat can be lubricated with calcium or sodium base grease.

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