bucket elevator,Bucket-Elevator-Belts

bucket elevator,Bucket-Elevator-Belts

Conveyor belt is an important part for belt bucket elevator, the suffered load of the conveyor belt is extremely complex in the process of the operation. Choosing the reasonable conveyor belt for belt bucket elevator not only crucially important to complete the lifting task, but also affecting the design of the bucket elevator drum and drive device mechanical parts.

We would like to show you the requirements for the conveyor belt for belt bucket elevator as follows:
1.Enough tensile strength and elasticity.
2.Good load surfer ability and sufficient width to meet the requirement.
3.Good flexibility, so that in the longitudinal direction can be bent around the belt bucket elevator drum.
4.Between each layer must have good adhesion to avoid delamination occurred during lifting.
5.Good tear resistance properties, resistance to damage, can connect into circularity.

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