bucket elevator
  1. Uneven feed. Too much feeding is likely to cause materials left and accumulated at the engine base because of the charging rate bigger than discharging rate. The accumulated materials are piled up gradually, in the meantime, the running resistance of buckets is becoming bigger to some certain extent. Belt might produce skid problem and even up to bucket elevating conveyor shutdown or motor fire.

Solution: Tight control of feed rate, on-load start-up, gradually open the gate of material incoming.

  1. Too large return flow makes materials of hosting machine be totally flowed into the discharge pipe and thus return to engine base, so materials increase will constitute obstruction.
    Solution: Cut back
  2. The belt slip decreases the hoisting amount of bucket elevator machine, materials increase at engine base will constitute obstruction.
    Solution: Increase tension, avoid belt slip.
    Large foreign bodies enter into engine base gives rise to clogging.

Solution: Install the protection fence at the inlet port lest problems appearance.

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bucket elevator


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