cement bucket elevator

cement bucket elevatorIn the process of production, if the bucket elevator accumulates too much material at engine base, the large digging resistance will cause the belt slip or movement halt.

Below are some major reasons and solutions PK has summarized for your reference:

1.Uneven feed.
If the feed rate is greater than the elevating capacity, surplus materials will be accumulated at engine base which gets a higher material height. The running resistance of buckets gradually increases to some extent, it will cause downtime or motor burn down.
Solution: Strictly control of feed rate, gradually open the feeding inlet with no-load start-up.

2.The suddenly shut down or power failure will cause weight unequal between hoisting branch and return branch. Materials would be poured out to engine base because of the reverse running.
Solution: Install the non-return device at the side of elevator machine main shaft to prevent hoist reversals.

3.Large foreign matters enter into the base bring to blocks.
Solution: Install barrier shielding at the bucket elevator conveyor feed inlet to prevent accidents.

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