• First fixed machine base before installing Bucket Elevator,the machine base should be fixed on a reliable base ,then connect machine barrel on the machine base in turn ,last connect machine head and install gear motor .
  • After install and adjust Bucket Elevator Equipment,machine barrel must be fixed with floor slap though storey ,if need attachment ,should install support and avoid whole machine inclining and displacement .
  • Machine barrel can be allowed put into sealing pad ,in order to ensure sealing .
  • Hopper of bucket elevator is installed on the hopper belt according to requirement ,both ends of hopper belt respectively put into from machine head .Bypass head pulley and return pulley ,when placing hopper belt ,return pulley should be placed to highest position .
  • Adjust head pulley shaft to level and make head pulley shaft and tail pulley shaft located in unified vertical flat .
  • Bucket Elevator System is a vertical conveying equipment ,the center line of head pulley ,return pulley and machine barrel should be placed on the same vertical line ,its deflection can’t exceed 2 mm,accumulation deflection can’t exceed 8 mm.
  • Hopper placed into bucket elevator which should not occur crash phenomenon due to deflection .
  • Tension device should ensure hopper has tension force of uniforming and normal working .
  • After installing Bucket Elevator Machine,you should add lubrication oil into each parts ,after debugging is normal ,you can load test movement and put on production .

Bucket Elevator

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