bucket elevator,traction-plate-chain

Continuous usage of a bucket elevator will wear off the equipment easily. This is when seasonal maintenance is important as it recharges the bucket elevator to function smoothly.

Basically for chain bucket elevator, it is easier to maintain as compared to belt bucket elevator. The chain used is often made of metal, where the biggest toll is the tensile strength between the scratches and the feeding material during operating. Here’s what you can do.

a) Wipe the surface of the chain with lubricant oil. The oil will form a protective layer on the chain surface, preventing from chain scratches when bucket elevator works.

b) Check the welding of each chain ring. If there is crack, immediately repair welding.

bucket elevator,traction-plate-chain

On the other hand, for belt bucket elevator, the belt used is often soft where it is easily affected by buckets and conveying materials. Therefore, tearing of belt could be a common occurrence. Even so, here are some tips for you to solve.

a) Using hot vulcanization. This method uses vulcanizing machine where hot vulcanizing material repairs the belt, eliminating damages on belt.

b) Using cold patching. This method uses special belt cold bonding agent, glue and special tools to repair tearing.

c) Using mechanical repair. This method uses screw and clip to connect tearing parts.

bucket elevator,Bucket-Elevator-Belts

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