belt bucket elevator

plate chain bucket elevator

Plate chain bucket elevator installation requirements are as follows:

  1. The head drive shaft and lower tension shaft of plate chain bucket elevator machine should be both in the same vertical plane and parallel to the horizontal plane.
  2. The flange connection of the intermediate casing must not have significant dislocation, the asbestos gasket can be padded between the flange rope or waterproof canvas to ensure a good seal.
  3. The lower section, intimidate casing and upper part of plate chain bucket elevator should be on the same vertical line, with vertical deviation not exceed 1 mm in length of 1 meter, total height cumulative deviation not more than 8 mm.
  4. Given the tension device will raise the tail sprocket group to the highest position, install the ascending chain, and adjust the tension device to make traction chain provide uniform and normal necessary tension which can guarantee the normal operation.

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