bucket elevator

Non-load test is very important for a bucket elevator. It ensures the smooth operation of the bucket elevator. Here is the list of things to be take note of when conducting the test.

  1. Check the running condition of the bucket, chain and sprocket.

– The moving parts should not collide with the other fixed parts of the bucket elevator machine.

– The double chains should run consistently.

  1. Check the temperature of oil at all bearings. The oil temperature after two-hours running should be less than 65 ͦ C.
  2. Inspect the following items of driving device frequently.

– Does the reduction gearbox has any abnormal sound?

– Does the reduction gearbox has oil leakage?

– Does the coupling installed correctly?

– Does the electrical control system is normal?

– Does the no-load power is less than 35% of the rated power?

– Does the backstop device has the same operation direction as that of motor?

  1. Check whether all fasteners are loosen or not. When shutting down bucket elevator equipment, examine the fastening between the buckets and links.
  2. Conduct a 16 hour load test after the non-load test is completed.

bucket elevator

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