plate chain bucket elevator

NE Plate chain bucket elevator has a wide application in industries, frequently used for elevating powder, granular, and lump materials. Here are the unique features and advantages of the bucket elevator, you may not want to miss it!

  1. Generally, a plate chain bucket elevator is considered economical as it has comparatively lower conveying power consumption. This type of bucket elevator adopts feeding input and weighting guiding discharge with reduction of non-digging power, inertia power and material return occurrence.
  2. It has high carrying capacity, with the maximum of 800m3/h.
  3. It is reliable and has long service life. It has high conveying strength and wear-resistance plate chain which greatly reduces abrasion.
  4. It has stable operation with easy handling.
  5. It has good seal performance. Advanced design and reliable workmanship is adopted in shaft seal, inspection door seal and welding points. The bucket elevator equipment has high seal performance with zero pollution.

plate chain bucket elevator


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