bucket elevator,upper-section-with-drive-chain-sprocket

Basically, there are a few aspects that could cause malfunctioning of the tail sprocket in a bucket elevator. Therefore, it is important to take note which are the aspect we could avoid doing it to ensure a longer service life of the bucket elevator.

During the operation of the bucket elevator machine, when the flow of material feeded into the hopper is uneven, the impact received from the hopper to the next sprocket will be unequal. Therefore, the tail sprocket will have to withstand a greater impact of material load.

On the other hand, screw was used to adjust the degree of tension of the bucket elevator equipment. So, whenever manual adjustment was made to the chassis, the sudden high load will impact the tail sprocket, resulting in bearing damage due to long periods of excessive shock loading.

Furthermore, the bearings and the slide mount roller are fixed together, therefore when the lower sprocket received impact of material load, it induces axial force, resulting in the force going perpendicular direction. Generally, the impact of the forces are quite high, where the forces were received by the bearings and the slide mount roller with a mere thickness of 4mm of iron plate slide. These then results in the deformation and wearing off the side rail, slowly erodes the thickness of the iron plate slide. Therefore, the tail sprocket is easily damaged.

bucket elevator,upper-section-with-drive-chain-sprocket

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