bucket elevator conveyor

In order to properly maintain a bucket elevator, it is recommended to establish a preventive maintenance plan that includes regular maintenance of the bucket elevator. Usually, the bucket elevator should be inspected at least once a month, depending on how often you use the elevator. Therefore, here comes a list of step-by-step checklist for a better overall inspection, just to ensure you do not miss out any of it!

  1. Check for broken, bent or missing buckets.
  2. Retighten or replace any faulty bolts that hold the buckets to the belt or chain.
  3. Examine the belt or chain of the bucket elevator machine to ensure it is at proper alignment, tension and good physical condition.
  4. Inspect the throat plate and adjust it if necessary.
  5. Look for wears or tears on the head and boot pulleys.
  6. Remove dirt inside the boot area and around the elevator and driving equipment.
  7. Check all bearings and components of the bucket elevator equipment and lubricate them often.

bucket elevator conveyor

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