bucket elevator

bucket elevator

BUCKETS – The bucket elevator machine should be checked to ensure all buckets are attached to the chain or belt and that all bolts are tight. Many times a foreign object will get into the elevator and tear off buckets. This can cause additional buckets to be torn off causing improper operation of the elevator.

CHAIN – The chain should be checked for wear at the barrels, pins, and/or bushings. The best indication of excessive chain wear is when the chain pitch and sprocket become more and more out of phase and the chain barrels or bushings ride higher and higher on the sprocket teeth. Another indication of excessive chain wear is when a continual adjustment of the take-up of the bucket elevator equipment is required.

BELTS – Belts will continue to stretch throughout their service life, but the greatest increase in length will occur during the first part of operation. Be sure to check the boot shaft at frequent intervals to be sure that it is turning. This will indicate the tail pulley is engaged and helping train the belt. A general purpose inspection should be made periodically on all parts of the bucket elevator to insure proper operation of the unit. Be certain to keep the rubber lip located at the discharge chute adjusted as close to the bucket lips as possible. This will help prevent back-legging of material into the boot.

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