Bucket elevator is suitable to transport vertically larger grind powder ,particle ,and small mass materials ,the following is checklist for your reference.

  • Inspect all parts of bucket chain ,hopper .If occurring crack ,serious transformation ,defect phenomenon ,you should adopt measure to change them .
  • If the Bucket Elevator needs change the parts of bucket chain ,hopper .You should adopt reliable safety measure ,avoiding occurring accident .
  • When change more bucket chain ,hopper ,you should test bucket flexible movement in advance ,then assemble them ,when assemble hoppers ,you should pay attention to movement direction of bucket chain ,cannot assemble an opposite direction .
  • Inspect and change Bucket Elevator Machine tail bearing ,bearing should be filled lubrication oil .
  • Inspect heavy hammer type automatic tension device ,steady heavy hammer installation , suitable tension power .
  • Adjust the relative position of bucket chain in the machine case ,if it deflect too much , you should revise in time .
  • Inspect all machine case are whether complete ,bolts are whether firm .

The quality standard of Bucket Elevator Equipment parts

  • Bucket chain should not serious transformation , parts are not crack and abrasion .
  • Abrasion of hopper is not serious ,no serious transformation and abrasion phenomenon .
  • If changing new hopper chain ,the joint of hopper chain should be flexible movement .
  • The size of hopper should be accordance ,after finishing installation ,you should inspect again the relative position between two hoppers ,which should be suitable .

Bucket Elevator

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