bucket elevator,intermediate-casing

Since performance, safety and productivity depend on good installation of bucket elevator, it’s more than a worthy investment you can make. Look no further, here’s some tips for you on how to install a bucket elevator.

  1. The installation and disassemble of a bucket elevator equipment should be carried out according to the construction plan with supervision.
  2. Before installing, check the basic metal structures and supporting nodes. Ensure the cable wind rope anchor and the wall connections are in good conditions.
  3. The frame of bucket elevator should come in fixed installation. The nodes should be connected by design drawings specified bolts and should not be reamed arbitrarily.
  4. The cable wind rope used to hold bucket elevator frame should be made of steel wire rope. The spaces between the free height of frame top and attachment wall should meet the basic requirements.
  5. The installation or disassembling of bucket elevator machine should be by rotary process, adopting reinforcement measures to frame. During the disassembling of bucket elevator, bear in mind to release the cable wind rope or remove other parts after hoisting rigging has been tightened.

bucket elevator,intermediate-casing

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