bucket elevator

bucket elevator


For a bulk material handling conveyor or elevator, flow of material should always be regulated at a rate within elevator capacity. Where surging and overloading are inevitable, a surge hopper of adequate size should be provided from which material can be withdrawn by a suitable feeder. Overload protection can also be provided by the installation of shear pin hubs. Backstops or a handbrake can be provided to prevent back run of a loaded bucket elevator device in the event of a power failure.


To assure long life, wherever possible the bucket elevator machine should be empty when starting and should be stopped only when again empty. Starting under load not only places extra strain on the equipment, but also frequently contributes directly to breakdowns. This is particularly true when handling bulk material that tends to set or freeze, since a very great pull may be required to break the load loose. Bucket elevators, unless empty, will run backwards. A backstop can be provided to prevent this. Elevators should be operated at regular intervals during any extended down period to avoid freeze-ups (at least once a week, and preferably turned over once each day when sticky materials are handled).

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