chain bucket elevator

Ring chain bucket elevator, also called TH bucket elevator is widely used in the construction, electric power, metallurgy, machinery, and chemical industries. TH series ring chain bucket elevator is one of the most common type of bucket elevator used in the industry. As TH bucket elevator is considered heavy machinery, troubleshooting a problem of the bucket elevator ain’t an easy task to do. Therefore, here are some tips on diagnosing problems in a ring chain bucket elevator:

  1. Abnormal noise occurs during operation of bucket elevator

Solution: The equipment must be stopped immediately to check whether any parts loosen or blockage of material. Cleaning and maintenance work should be done as frequent as possible.

  1. Motor can function, however no materials loaded

Solution: Check connection of electric supply and repair any malfunction button. Restart the bucket elevator machine.

  1. Rigorous vibration at lower section of the ring chain bucket elevator equipment

Solution: Check whether the take-up device is under tension. If yes, restore the TH bucket elevator to normal tension.


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