bucket elevator conveyor


Bucket elevator is one of the best selling conveyor equipment of our company with customers all over the world. There are unstable tightness degree of bucket elevator conveyor chain phenomenons which our customers have reflected during the period of machine running. Here are some solutions as follows PK has analyzed for you:

Bucket conveyor chain adjustment, which is under the condition of the bucket machine off-running, through using screw to monitor the chain slack.

Because of the uneven and irregular covered edge of circular chain welding joint, it turns out that the fine adjusted chain in motionless statement happened to be unstable tightness phenomenon. Besides, the chain will be stretched after a period of running time. If the chain is under over-tight condition, it will be pulled apart on the basis of the instantaneous overload tensile.

Through adopting the flexibility and vibration reduction performance of spring, create a type of tension device for chain adjustment. With the spring bottom fixed on the slide skateboard, bucket machine tail wheel bearing box is fixed on the skateboard adjusting the screw above, make the spring have certain compression force, so as to automatically adjust the chain slack condition, avoid the phenomenon of chain snap and derailment.

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