The bucket elevator widely used in the current market is applicable to elevate wheat, rice, soybean, corn and other grain which is not big, with high hardness and not easy be broken. However, under-capacity problem often appears in actual using process. In this article, the factors for bucket conveyor productivity is under analysis to improve its structure performance.

1. With the same parameter, large bucket pitch will decline productivity, thus the distance can be appropriately reduced to improve productivity. But the distance should not be too small, lest the over load will take a bad effect at the performance bucket conveyor elevator.
2.With the same parameter, the slow belt speed can lead productivity decline, thus, the belt speed can be appropriately increased to improve productivity. Belt speed is generally 0.8-2.5 m/s.
3.The lack of productivity can be improved through increasing the bucket volume. But it can not be isolated increased, also must guarantee the hopper type elevator normal operation: the normal feeding, normal unloading, bucket free running in the barrel and not to increase the material wear, etc.
4. The fill factor is determined by the mutual influence between bucket, belt speed and bucket volume, ensure the fill factor is in the range of 0.7 to 0.8.

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