bucket elevator conveyor

Plugging is a common occurrence in the operation of a bucket elevator. According to the bucket elevator technical personnel, a vibrating screen could be used to solve plugging problems due to large blocks entering into pipeline. Meanwhile, to solve rubber slipping problem, the tension force of belt bucket could be increased by increasing the lifting height of the bucket elevator equipment. Even so, more than 90% of the plugging problems occurs due to non-suitable design of connecting pipes of the bucket scraper system.

So, here in PK Machinery, we would like to introduce ways to solve this problem. The first way is to increase the angles of connecting pipes by elevating the height of scraper conveyor. This is to fasten the flow rate of materials in pipes and reduce the possibility of plugging.

The second ways is to add vibrator to the connecting pipes so that the materials can be conveyed smoothly. Interlock the vibrator and material scraping system to make it vibrate intermittently. The vibration duration, frequency and interval period should be set based on bucket elevator machine’s working condition for systematic operation.

bucket elevator conveyor

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