Bucket elevator

Troubleshooting material accumulation in a cement bucket elevator can be challenging sometimes, as it ain’t easy. However, do not worry. Here in PK Machinery, we share with you the reasons and solutions of material accumulation in a cement bucket elevator.

  1. Uneven feeding of materials

Solution: Control the feeding rate, make sure the bucket elevator operates off-load before feeding in materials.

  1. Large returning flow of materials

Solution: Large returning flow of materials will cause blockage to the discharge pipes as they are unable to hold large flows at one time. Try reducing the amount of material backflow.

  1. Power failure of the bucket elevator machine

Solution: When the bucket elevator machine suddenly shut down due to power failure, the mass weight of the lifting branch and the returning branch faces unequal pressure. This lead to the reversing of the bucket elevator. While the materials inside the buckets returned back to the base, blockage will happen once re-starting the machine. Therefore, to solve this problem, install a holdback device to prevent bucket elevator reversal.

  1. Slipping of the rubber belt

Solution: Belt slipping will reduce the lifting capacity of the bucket elevator. To prevent belt slipping, increase the belt tension.

Bucket elevator

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