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Hopper falling off in a bucket elevator is a common occurrence in the operation of a bucket elevator. In fact, there are a few factors that could cause hopper falling off, but the good news is it can be fixed! So, do have a read through this article to help you solve the problem.

Usually when this happens, it is due to large quantity of feeding material being fed into the bucket elevator machine. This then result in the accumulation of the materials at the base of the hopper, thus leading to a bleak operation. The solution for this is to shut down the bucket elevator immediately and clear any material buildup at the base of the machine.

On the other hand, hopper falling off could also be due to the low position of the inlet feeding position. The right position should be above the axis of the tail sprocket to prevent the hopper from falling off.

Besides that, the material of hopper made of also can caused this situation to happen. Poor quality material of hopper will have a lower tensile strength which equals to lower performance. In fact, a hopper is considered one of the main component of the bucket elevator equipment, therefore it needs to be made of high quality material and are able to withstand high demand materials. Basically a hopper is made using welded ordinary steel or galvanized metal sheet. To enhance tensile strength, the edges of the hopper can be fold or inserted with wires.

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